Picasso protests Extinct rebel activist arrested

Picasso protests Extinct rebel activist arrested after gluing himself to paint

Two climate activists with Extinction Rebellion were arrested on Sunday after gluing themselves to a Picasso Painting at the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne.

An activist clings to a mirror of The “Picasso Massacre in Korea” standing next to a sign that reads “Climate Chaos = War and Famine” highlights the connection between weather decay and human suffering The organization said on Twitter. Picasso protests Extinct rebel activist arrested

“’If we continue on our current path We will face the collapse of everything that gives us safety’, leading to conflict,” the group was quoted as saying by a naturalist and TV host. David Attenborough.

Victoria Police said They believed protesters entered the gallery’s ground floor. Before the men and women entered the scene at around 12:40 local time.

A 49-year-old woman from New South Wales and a 59-year-old man from the suburbs of Melbourne were removed from the painting after 2 p.m.

Both were arrested The same was true for a 49-year-old man, according to Victoria Police. Picasso protests Extinct rebel activist arrested

Extinction Rebellion said no artwork was harmed in this incident.

Climate change is to change life on the planet as we know itand unless global warming is greatly slowed down Billions of people and other species It will reach a point where they can no longer adapt to the new normal. According to a key United Nations report released this year.

Based on years of research from hundreds of scientists. The report finds the impact of human-caused climate change is greater than previously thought. The report’s authors warn that these effects are occurring much faster. And it’s more disruptive and widespread than scientists expected 20 years ago.

The specialists who are least involved in the problem are the ones who are most affected. The expert added in the report.

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