EU launches online job search tool

EU launches online job search tool

The European Commission launched a new online tool on Monday. to help Ukrainians find work While the group appears to be extending the protection of displaced persons from war for another year.

About 4.2 million people arriving from Ukraine in the EU are protected by a system that supports conflicting accommodation.(EU launches online job search tool)health care access to education and the right to enter the EU job market.

European Commissioner for Internal Affairs Ylva Johansson said the system needed to be extended for at least a year until March 2024, with those returning to Ukraine will be allowed to retain their rights in case they need to flee again.

An online job search engine called “EU Talent Pool” will allow people displaced from the Russian invasion to upload their resumes. which will be available to more than 4,000 employers; and private employment agencies

Nicola Schmidt, EU Employment Commissioner It said at the new meeting that five EU countries have already joined the pilot program. including Poland which is home to the majority of Ukrainian refugees. and calls for more participants

“For employers in the EU We know that we are facing labor shortages in many sectors and skill-sets. This could be an important resource that you can use,” he said.

The pilot job search engine managed by the European Labor Authority is available in i1n, English, Ukrainian and Russian languages ​​and is linked to the EU Employment Services Cooperation Network with over 3 million vacancies.

About 600,000 Ukrainians have entered the EU job market since the conflict began.

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