England vs Iran and other world cup news from Qatar

England vs Iran and other world cup news from Qatar

Iranian soccer fans hold up a “Woman Life Freedom” sign during their country’s game against England in Doha. (Juan Luis Diaz/Quality Sports Pictures/Getty Images)

The starting 11 who played in Iran’s first World Cup game against England did not sing the national anthem before kick-off at the Khalifa International England vs Iran and other world cup news from QatarStadium in Qatar on Monday.


Outside the stadium, before the game, CNN saw a number of Iranian supporters wearing protest t-shirts with slogans such as “Free Iran” or “Rise with the women of Iran.”


Iranian football fans Sam Mohsen and Venus Vanaki outside the pitch in Doha, Qatar. (Don Riddell/CNN)

Some people are hesitant to speak. for fear that government observers were watching them in the crowd, but Sam Mohsen and Venus Wanaki born in Iran who now lives in California told CNN they hoped the players would signal that they were in solidarity. with protesters And that would start with them not singing the royal anthem.


while the music plays through the stadium’s speakers And the players still gasped. A large crowd of Iranian supporters seemed to be cheering and cheering all around.


memorize: As anti-government protests enter their third month in their home country, which is on the other side of the Persian Gulf How will players cope? situation. In the past few weeks Many athletes spoke out in support of the protesters. And many sports teams refrain from singing royal anthem.

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