Elon Musk announces temporary rate limits exceeded on Twitter

The owner of Twitter, Elon Musk, has announced that the social network has imposed temporary limits on the reading of publications to deal with “extreme levels of data extraction and manipulation of the system.” Specifically, he has indicated that verified accounts will be able to read a maximum of 6,000 posts a day, unverified ones will only be able to read 600 and new unverified accounts, 300 messages. Rate limit exceeded Twitter Later, he has advanced that these limits “soon” will be extended to 8,000 posts for verified users, 800 for those who are not verified and 400 for new unverified users.

Musk’s announcement, however, does not specify whether that daily tweet count applies to selecting specific posts or encompasses all posts that appear when scrolling down the home screen timeline, browsing threads, or reviewing tweet responses.

Hours before his announcement, thousands of users reported problems accessing the social network on the Dow detector tracking page, which seemed to continue, albeit to a lesser extent, after the announcement. Rate limit exceeded Twitter In the social network itself, some affected indicated that the application gave them the following error messages: “The limit has been exceeded” and “Tweets cannot be displayed.”

On Friday, specialized media reported that Twitter had closed its content, including tweets, threads and profiles, to visitors without an account, to whom a message appears asking them to register or enter their credentials. In this regard, Musk explained that it was a “temporary emergency measure” and alluded to “data looting”, according to the portal ‘The Verge’.

He also brought up the issue in a response to Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney, who was complaining about “paywalls.” “Several hundred organizations (perhaps more) were extremely aggressively mining data from Twitter, to the point where it was affecting the actual user experience,” Musk said.

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