Democrats approach control of the U.S. Senate with major victories in Arizona

Democrats approach control of the U.S. Senate with major victories in Arizona

with Arizona Senator Mark Kelly’s victory on Friday night.


Democrats are only one seat away. not controlling the US Senate All eyes turned to the neighbors. NevadaThe Senate competition tends to increase in the direction of the Democrats. Democrats approach control of the U.S. Senate with major victories in Arizona


Kelly’s victory, elected in 2020 to fill the term of GOP Senator John McCain, extended his win for Democrats on Friday night. As ballots continue to be counted painstakingly in the west.


The defeat of Blake Masters, Kelly’s venture capitalist. This reflects former President Donald Trump’s lies about the 2020 election, another rejection by voters of the Trump-backed candidate.


So far, Democrats have 49 seats in the Senate. And Republicans will hold 49 seats, meaning Democrats need just one more seat to win a majority in the Senate. (with Vice President Kamala Harris is an equal voter.)


They can reach the critical 50-seat threshold if they succeed in Nevada, where Democratic Senator Catherine Cortez Masto is approaching Republican Adam. Laxalt, a former state attorney general, called the 2020 presidential election “rigged” and filed a lawsuit. Trump’s reps try to overturn Biden’s 2020 victory in Silver State.


The Nevada Senate race has been stalled for months. But ultimately it was able to determine the balance of power in the upper room. Democrats are also defending seats in Georgia, where Rafael Warnock and Republican Senator Herschel Walker are heading toward Project C. ligament runoff on December 6


Control of the US House of Representatives remains in balance. But it is clear that even if the Republican Party wins the majority, But it will have a much slimmer edge than the GOP leaders had hoped for. The unexpected result sparked the condemnation and second conjecture of the Republican leader.


This includes Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, who hopes to emerge from these races with a clear mandate to become the next House Majority Leader.


The Democrats’ victory on Friday night marked a dramatic turn of fortune for a party that appeared to have serious trouble in Tuesday’s election. Candidates Kelly and Cortez Masto are working under President Joe Biden’s low approval rating.


The unfavorable economic conditions — with inflation and high oil prices — have slashed family budgets across the country. and face historical trends that tend to lead to steep losses in The first midterm of the new president.


But this is a complex cycle with many different crossover currents affecting voter behavior. This includes a June Supreme Court ruling that overturned abortion rights. This has displeased many voters across the country.


Republicans have also been thwarted by Trump’s decision to promote far-right candidates loyal to him. But it is often too extreme to appeal to the swing voters who make their choice in elections. Ultimately, many independent voters and moderators seem to reject candidates they consider too extreme or close. Too much for Trump – and Democrats have come out to defend the incumbent candidate.


The defeat of the patriarchs in Arizona came after prominent Democrats. including former President Barack Obama occupied the state on the last day of the election. It warned that the fate of the country’s democracy lies in the vote. Grand Canyon voters also rejected the bid of GOP state Rep.


Mark Finchem, who rejected the Trump-backed election to become Arizona’s top election official. Instead, they will elect Democrat Adrian Fontes as the next Arizona secretary of state, CNN forecast Friday night.


One bright spot for the Republican Party is in Nevada. Where voters elect Republican Joe Lombardo as the state’s next governor – throw out Democrat Steve Sisolak, CNN forecasts Lombardo, Clark County Sheriff.


The famous warned voters of their struggles during the COVID-19 pandemic. When Nevada unemployment peaks at nearly 30% even as the economy recovers But Lombardo argued that Srisolak’s policies were too harsh and hindered the state’s economic recovery.


In 2020 echoes, some Republicans, including pundits, are trying to cause controversy over ballot counting in Maricopa County, Arizona, saying the count was unreliable there because there were “controversial ballot counts.” Handling some ballots, Kari Lake, both the governor and GOP governor, have suggested that the count was carried out too slowly.


The Masters on Friday disputed a similar matter with Lake, calling the counting process in Maricopa County – Arizona’s largest county and home to Phoenix – “incompetent,” pointing to the printer’s problem. That caused some ballots to not be scheduled properly on Tuesday. Although election officials said the issue was resolved within hours on Election Day.


Professors also accused the district of mixing countless ballots with counted ballots. The Republican National Committee and the Republican Party of Arizona released a statement saying the election “Has revealed a deep flaw. in the electoral administration of Maricopa County.


Arizona deserves better – transparency, certainty, efficiency – and most importantly, accurate and prompt election results that are acceptable to all voters.”


A spokeswoman for Maricopa County’s Electoral Division told CNN’s Kyungla that the district office has “The redundancy that helps us ensure that each legal vote is counted only once.”


“Since the ballots were arranged in a series of tables, So we can extract results from those specific locations. and reconcile all ballots with check-in to ensure they match. This is done with observers of political parties and is a practice that has been around for decades,” the spokesman said.


Maricopa County Supervisory Board Chairman Bill Gates rejected Masters’ suggestion that the county should clean the slate and start counting again, saying it was “not permitted under Arizona law.” The counties said the counties were in line with the previous year.


When asked on CNN about specific allegations from the Republican National Committee, Gates said he wanted them to address those concerns directly to him. “I’m a Republican. Three of my colleagues on the committee are Republicans. Report these issues to us and talk to us. instead of making unfounded claims,” he said.


“Let the count continue and in the end If they have a problem they choose to go to court. They have every right to do that. And we will let that process go on,” Gates added. Democrats approach control of the U.S. Senate with major victories in Arizona


Kelly enters the 2022 cycle in a good position to resistant to gusts of wind Faced with Democrats – even in purple states like Arizona, where Joe Biden narrowly won – due to formidable funding and unique personal branding as a retired astronaut, a Navy veteran and Husband of former agent Gabby Giffords.


Masters, a first-time candidate, was able to lead the preliminary GOP with significant financial backing from conservative tech billionaire Peter Thiel, his former boss. He appealed to Republicans promising to prioritize the immigration issue. and in a campaign video released last year He believes Trump will win the 2020 presidential election.


The professor then appeared to adjust his tone of the 2020 election results, including the conservative stance he sought during the primary abortion. Which at first seemed like an attempt to appeal to a broader audience of Arizona voters. (Although the Republican Party is made up of a majority in Arizona, But independents account for about a third of voters and often influence elections closely.)


After his first victory in August, Masters purged his language website with false claims that the election was stolen. In the process of questioning from the moderator during Discuss with KellyThe professor admitted he saw no evidence of corruption in the 2020 vote count or the election results in a way that would change the outcome.


In the debates and along the way, Kelly argued that the “ratchet” could “get out of our democracy” if elected dissidents such as Masters were elected. Democrats approach control of the U.S. Senate with major victories in Arizona


But the teacher seems to have reversed his course after receiving it. phone from trump motivate him “Strengthened” in Rejecting Elections which is the dialogue recorded in the Fox documentary In the last week of the campaign, Masters told CNN’s.


Lah that he doesn’t believe the moderators will feel uncomfortable with his comments about the 2020 election, insisting voters are paying attention to concerns about the election. Inflation, crime and more borders.


throughout the campaign Kelly portrayed the professor as a candidate outside the mainstream. which will jeopardize the right to abortion as well as Social Security and Medicare.


In a state where lawmakers passed a new abortion ban 15 weeks ago this year. and where legal efforts have been made to ban abortion in almost all cases. Kelly’s campaign continues to relentlessly highlight the teacher’s anti-abortion stance.


The teacher said that he would support National ban on abortion After 15 weeks, a proposal proposed by South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsay Graham to the bill included an exception to rape. incest and to protect the mother’s life

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