Dam or no dam Indus Delta people have to say.

“We don’t mind the idea of ​​building a dam. Build as you can,” said Khuda Bux Lashari, a social worker at the Ghorabari union committee in Thatta, in the middle of the Indus delta.


(theoretically) and streams in the Arabian Sea Although he added (Dam or no dam Indus Delta people have to say)but it is the malicious intent behind the construction of these massive structures that haunt us.”


What malice did he mean? Although it is difficult to create malicious intent But what is easily acceptable is the fact that the delta receives its share of water only when the country is inundated or expected.


When the Indus Delta receives no share of fresh water from the dams and levees built above it. The seas also crept up and destroyed their land. contaminate the water table and cut off the fertility of the region due to salinity.


The government, on the other hand, has not built breakwaters that at least can hardly overcome the damage of the seas that have taken over and consumed the land.


They said the floods were the result of unprecedented rain and mismanagement of water on the part of the authorities. which has a positive effect on the Mekong Delta because it has pushed the sea several miles away from the creek


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However, they are concerned that this is just once Every few years and where water remains in streams or delta for only a few days.


We don’t want the flood. We regret the disaster they caused. “Better water policies and fair sharing are what we need.”


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