Consumers should not be charged irrelevant taxes.  Fees on Bills: NEPRA

Consumers should not be charged irrelevant taxes. Fees on Bills: NEPRA

National Electricity Regulatory Commission (February) — NEPRA/File
National Electricity Regulatory Commission (February) — NEPRA/File

Islamabad: The Supervision of the Metropolitan Electricity Authority (PEA)In the State of Industry 2022 report, additional fees will be imposed on electricity bills that are not related to consumer energy consumption.

In its report, NEPRA said it was necessary to stop charging consumers with unrelated taxes and fees. while the billing system needs to be restructured.

The report states that the federal government levies many taxes and fees on consumers using their utility bills. And these costs are not related to the use of electricity. It adds that consumers unnecessarily bear the burden of the system’s poor performance.

reported by Nopporn Share that questions are being picked up by various departments and performance on consumers who have to pay extra through various fees. including the cost of television The agency is under attack for failing to charge consumers directly.

NEPRA’s report on the electricity sector indicates that there has been a Rs.107 billion increase in capacity payouts within the past year. Year 2021 to 2022 which is only Rs.614 billion until 2021

According to NEPRA, expensive power plants are being used after a shortage of liquefied natural gas (LNG), which has added to consumers more than Rs 19 billion, despite nationwide demand for electricity. Even the best power plants can’t run.

The report added that the government suffered losses of Rs 55 billion due to a lack of power generation from one unit of the Guddu power plant.

It said six sugar mills had been willing to buy electricity from energy companies in the past two years. But these companies do not buy cheap electricity from their own areas.

NEPRA also said that under the Constitution Electricity is a fundamental right of every citizen, however, it is not available to everyone.

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