CEC Briefing on EVM Voting Abroad

CEC Briefing on EVM Voting Abroad

Heads of the Election Commission (CEC) were briefed on electronic voting machines (EVM) and foreign voting by the Secretary-General of the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP).

The ECP Secretary briefed CEC Sikandar Sultan Raja on the progress in the use of EVM and the voting rights of Pakistanis abroad.CEC Briefing on EVM Voting Abroad

The CEC expressed satisfaction with the latest steps taken by the Commission’s Project Management Unit. An ECP spokesman said the government would send a letter to provide funding for the Project Management Unit.

During the meeting, the said it was necessary to ensure the sanctity of EVM and the voting process abroad. In addition to maintaining the ECP’s reputation and voting secrecy.

He called for state-of-the-art technology in elections. Raja also stressed the need to gain stakeholder confidence and facilitate voters.CEC Briefing on EVM Voting Abroad.

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