BTS' Jimin received death threats

BTS’ Jimin received death threats

Park Ji-min, commonly known as Jimin of K-Pop group BTS, received death threats from an anonymous account.


The South Korean concept’s singer Jimin has been harassed by the Instagram fan account of fellow BTS members Jeon Jung-Kook and Kim Tae-Hyung, aka V.(BTS’ Jimin received death threats) This story was shared by an account with the username ‘vkookv_123’.


Before the concert in Busan became famous all over the world. The account shared images of the gun. followed by a warning for ‘filter’ Singer. “When you go to the concert I hope you hurt Jimin or his father.”


“I promise I will kill him.” The statement also read further as OP accused Jimin of being a ‘barrier’ between Jungkook and V.


“Please kill him. I will try to shoot him Tell every Taker Cooker I’m going to kill him.”


Screenshots of the story were shared on the microblogging site, and BTS ARMY on Twitter responded to The ‘non-existent ship’ that shocked the toxic shipper among the fans.


“It is true, true, so concerning that Jimin and his family are getting death threats on public social media platforms and being posted to their 7K followers, that they will hurt him and his family. What is he all for?? The non-existent ship they fantasize about,” read a tweet about it.


Another BTS ARMY wrote, “This is crazy. And the big news is paying more attention to the rumors. I mean, Taeman’s situation is bad. But here we are talking about death threats not only against members. but also his family.”


It is pertinent to say that accounts temporarily posted on Instagram were deleted within hours.


about K-pop feelings The band will take to the Busan stage on October 15, two days after Jimin’s 26th birthday.

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