Bob Woodward Releases New Audiobook 'The Trump Tapes'

Bob Woodward Releases New Audiobook ‘The Trump Tapes’

During an interview with the Oval Office in December 2019 with-President DonaldTrump Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward asked if his rhetoric towards North Korean leader Kim Jong Un was meant to push Kim to the negotiating table.

“No. No. It was designed for whatever reason. It was designed. Who knows? Instinct, let’s talk instinct, okay?” Trump said. “Because it’s really about you. don’t know what will happen But it’s a very rude expression. the most severe. “Bob Woodward Releases New Audiobook ‘The Trump Tapes’

Trump then ordered his aides to show Woodward a photograph of him. Kim at DMZ. “This is me and him. That’s the line, right? And then I crossed the line. Pretty cool, you know? Pretty cool, right?” said the president.

Trump talks about his interactions with Kim.

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