blast in Gaza hospital kills martyrs more than 600

blast in Gaza hospital

Gaza: The number of martyred Palestinians has exceeded 500 due to the Israeli bombardment of Al Ahli Arab Hospital. blast in Gaza hospital Women, children, doctors, and staff were included in the terrible bombing.

According to the details, Israel carried out an apocalypse on Gaza, more than 500 Palestinians have been martyred so far by bombing the hospital, and doctors, staff, women, and children were targeted in the bombing.

There were hundreds of injured and sick people in the hospital and many homeless citizens had taken shelter, the bombing destroyed the hospital, and the building caught fire.

According to the Palestinian Health Department, there is a fear of an increase in martyrdoms, a large number of doctors and medical staff were martyred along with patients in the bombing.

On the other hand, Israel continues to target hospitals and rescuers, WHO has confirmed attacks on forty-one health centers in Gaza, in which eleven medical workers were martyred.

The President of the Palestinian Authority has announced three days of mourning against the Israeli attack on the hospital in Gaza. blast in Gaza hospital.

Keep in mind that the number of martyrs has increased to more than 38 hundred and 13 thousand were injured due to the barbaric bombardment of the Zionist state, while thousands of Palestinians are still trapped under the rubble of destroyed buildings.

Due to the lack of aid teams, civilians are digging through the rubble with their hands to remove the dead and wounded, the supply of food, electricity, water and fuel to Gaza is still suspended.

Hospitals are closing due to lack of fuel and no place to store corpses, no medicine to treat the wounded, due to which the injured Palestinians are dying.

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