Bengal in Pakistan settles down

Bengal in Pakistan settles down for the possibility citizenship.

Acid attack survivors still 


Jafar learned to read and write Bangla as a child and before the split in Bangladesh on December 16, 1971, his father chose to stay in Pakistan. but his uncle who taught him bangla including other families Went to a new sculpture in Bangladesh. First in the old conventional system and later digital. He cannot renew the latter because Some ‘dislocations’ that have not been corrected in the last four years.


Jafar’s daughter is a talented gymnast who has won some local trophies but competed in bigger competitions. or even go to the entrance exam She must use Form B as proof of her citizenship.


But she could only do it through her. parent’s identity card For many young Bengals like her Choosing to forsake their cultural identity and heritage so that they can obtain state identification. It became a simple matter of frustration.


When ARY News asked the National Database and Registration Officer (NADRA), he initially declined to comment on the record. But then, on condition of anonymity, it was revealed that NADRA’s frontline employees were able to decide their fates suddenly.


“If he directly approves the renewal of the card They can have the card without any difficulty,” he said, adding that if employees choose to mark discrepancies. Bengali or Afghani citizens may face a weary age of trying. Prove to be a legitimate citizen “Bribery culture is very widespread as well,” he admits.


with a lethargic process and ever-expanding discrimination. Bengali culture is suffering the worst. So much so that people in other communities mocked them for the low work they received while the Bengali words were thrown away as if it was a sham.


Permanent evasion of the police due to the cancellation of ID cards and the struggle for survival. Pakistani Bengali seem to have little interest in Bangla culture.


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