Bengal in Pakistan settles down

Bengal in Pakistan settles down for the possibility citizenship.

Do you expect new literature and new music A variety will emerge from them. But when was the last time you heard a bangla song or heard about a new bangla book launch?


Karachi Garbage Story: The Merciful Ragpicker Child of… Everyone


elimination of statehood The state is creating a system that no longer matters how these people get paid. Get less money, get offended, threatened or bullied in the lowest framework of the economic hierarchy.


“A typical Bengali ethnicity is existence and avoiding prejudice by concealing his Bengali identity. What literary business does he have?”


Attorney Tahera Hasan, who runs a welfare NGO for Bengali families seeking to return their identity cards, told ARY News that people who can read or write Bangla are extremely rare. Although it has a population of nearly three million people.


Hasan has been battling various lawsuits. A lot about the identity of the Bengali people. When you have to evade the cops who are bored to stop taking bribes.


Know your identity will be revoked. or when you can’t send your child to school or unable to find a job And all because you are in a certain community and speak a certain language. So you stop being arrogant in that language.

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