Bengal in Pakistan settles down

Bengal in Pakistan settles down for the possibility citizenship.


Bengali Machar Colony

“People discourage their children when they talk or play with our children… ‘Don’t play with the Bengalis,’ they always said in front of us,” she said.


Tasleema is in her mid-twenties, and she’s still waiting for an ID card to give her children the B-Forms they need to apply to school. She said one thing is certain now. Urdu and local culture is the only solution.


“What do we do when Bangla is clearly hated here? Do we stop interacting with people and limit ourselves to our intimate communities? No, we learn the local culture and adapt to their ways because we are in society,” she added.


Jafar Ahmed understands this dilemma. He is one of the few Bengali people who can still write and read Bangla script. which is the origin of the Brahmin ancestors in many subcontinent languages.


As he discusses this with ARY newsHe wrote a sentence in Bangla that read: ‘I am Jafar’, however, there were no Bengali congregations around. He himself could read what he had written.


Explainer: Karachi’s new local government will look like this.


About 90 percent of Bengali in Pakistan no longer know how to read or write Bangla, Ahmed said. but now in chaos

Bengali kids study athletics at Imkaan welfare, no one can read or write bangla – ARY News

“No one has come to visit this library anymore,” Farooq said. “…if you are planning a visit, please inform me in advance So I dusted and cleaned the books and tables.”

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