Bengal in Pakistan settles down

Bengal in Pakistan settles down for the possibility citizenship.

Taslima, a Bengali who lives in Machar Colony, Karachi and a mother of two, said: “Even when we go to the clinic or attend the ceremony People shamelessly avoid or despise us.


“I have nine children. But no one can read or write Bangla.”


Wade across the muddy streets and filth of the neighborhood every day. with small houses unplanned and shops and shops strewn along an unpaved road Hundreds of thousands of Bengal people Most of them have become stateless with blocked identification.


Go to work on the shores, factories and markets to earn wages. Most of the women work as home helpers in the neighborhood. while some work fishing in West Wharf, an area adjacent to the Machar Colony, for each Making a living means social adaptation to local culture.


Open spill nullahs over sewage and dumps are common places around this area.
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