Bengal in Pakistan settles down

Bengal in Pakistan settles down for the possibility citizenship.

Karachi: They say any language After all, it’s a road map of culture. Because it tells you where people come from and where they are going.

What does it mean when a culture is systematically removed? Is it comparable to destroying their cultural way of life?

This could be true for a number of Bengali who chose to stay in Pakistan after the fall of Dhaka on December 16, 1971, or migrate here later for economic reasons. Because the two faced the same fate due to the brutal bias of the state.

and individuals in local communities whose ideas of patriotism require them to consider Bengali hatred. “They are traitors.” An accidental passerby will tell you that when asked about Bengalis in general.

For this social experiment, ARY News asked a group of people why the Bengalis were so discriminated against? Most of them answered honestly: They betrayed us. The second most frequent opinion is that betrayal takes place in their veins.

Cultivated in the next generation to other indigenous communities through the spread of disinformation with one person, one institution, one action. but just indiscriminately against all ethnic communities. This disgusting hostility and resulted in one thing: Bengal hid behind it. Urdu accent is hard hit to get along.

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