Baz Luhrmann's Elvis: Movie Review

Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis: Movie Review

Baz Luhrmann’s ‘Elvis’ surprised me in two different aspects: Elvis Presley’s exciting life and Austin Butler’s overwhelming ability to be him.

Before the King of Pop, (Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis: Movie Review) Michael Jackson was the King of Rock and Roll. And he is Elvis Presley. His swirling music and gouging style revolutionized culture and transformed him into a swoon-worthy symbol.

From Memphis, Tennessee, USA in 1935, Elvis was raised by a black African-American community when they were excluded from white society. Elvin learned how the Black singers produce songs and how they sing in people’s hearts.

Elvis soon became Elvis. The great Presley, he fell in love, produced a record-breaking album. and toured throughout the United States. But all things are not sunshine and rainbows for the great Elvis.

The film sums up the frenzied ascent to the stars and the grand turbulence that revolves with ease. Since his close relationship with his manager, Colonel Tom Parker, to his obsession with drugs and his inability to withstand growing criticism.

There Tom Hanks plays the corrupt manager of Colonel Tom Parker, who finds Elvis obsessed with African American music culture.

Hank himself is often seen in biographical films, even wearing a less striking outfit. Maybe it’s because he’s Tom Hanks, whose charm is hard to ignore. Sometimes his character will remind you of one of the fattest cartoon villains that will be seen in the children’s animated series.

When the Colonel meets Elvis He also took advantage of his talent and musical skills. Elvis’ life turns into a star as he struggles with rejection. Both mental and personal struggles

What Colonel hides from Elvis’ glorious and colorful star, whose Colonel fuels his greed and selfishness that lead him to make unhealthy decisions for the singer. He himself had a dark past.

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