Ayan Mukerji has confirmed release date

Ayan Mukerji has confirmed release date of the second & third seasons.

Days after the release of the first film, director Ayan Mukerji has a slate for his second and third films. ‘Phromstra’ Franchise ready


enjoying the success of (Ayan Mukerji has confirmed release date) ‘The Virgins Part One: Shiva’Ayan Mukerji recently attended the FICCI Summit when he wowed fans with updates to the second and third films in the franchise.


Ayan Mukerji has confirmed release date


While discussing the future of copyright fantasy at the event, Mukerji confirmed that the creators have set targets for the release of the following films in the franchise to avoid delays caused by Ranbir Kapoor-Alia Bhatt’s lead actor.


“We have a release date target, to be honest,” the director confirmed. He added, “Three years from now [for part 2]Which is around Diwali 2025. For episode 3 our goal is 1 year after. [release of Brahmastra part 2]”


“I say Diwali 2025 and Christmas 2026.”


Mukerji added, “I say this with a disclaimer because we said this in Brahmastra And I think we have about 6 release dates. Brahmastra Part 1.”


Moreover, Mukerji is determined to redeem himself from the weaknesses of the first installment. As he said, “Making part 2 happen in the next few years is also a huge challenge. to make it equal in quality Together with better dialogue (laughs) and better storytelling. It is a very big challenge.”


It is worth mentioning that the creators and actors plan to shoot the following part on the title. ‘Phramastra Part Two: Dave’ and an untitled third film simultaneously to explore that possibility. Astraverse’s ‘Endless’

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