Aminul Haque denies any chance MQM-P will

Aminul Haque denies any chance MQM-P will

Islamabad: Federal Information Technology Minister Aminul Hake has dismissed reports on any occasion of the Muttahida movement. Gomi to leave the central government and said the relationship with the federal government was satisfactory, ARY NEWS reported.


In an informal conversation with journalists, Aminul Haque said any decision made by MQM-P came after consultation with the party.(Aminul Haque denies any chance MQM-P will) “We are in contact with the federal government about an upgrading project in Sindh,” he said, adding that they were negotiating with the center on the census.


He said the census could be delayed in the country after the deadly floods.Aminul Haque denies any chance MQM-P will


However, the MQM-P leader expressed his distrust of the Sindh government’s measures and said that despite the Supreme Court’s order, But the PPP-led government does not give powers to the mayor. “We still have differences with them in regards to job quotas in the provinces,” Aminul Haque said.


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while leaving the opportunity for new elections in the near future. claim to hold general elections according to the new census “The council should complete its tenure,” he assured.

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