Alia Bhatt confesses 'worries' about parenting

Alia Bhatt confesses ‘worries’ about parenting

Alia Bhatt, a new Bollywood mom, confesses she’s ‘worried’ her child was being brought up as nothing.

In her conversation with an overseas lifestyle magazine A new mom spoke out about her concerns about raising her daughter in the public eye. She admits that she often discusses this with her actor husband Ranbir Kapoor and her family.

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In the previous interview Mother at that time said “I’m a little nervous about raising my kids in the public eye.”

She adds, “I talk about this a lot with my friends, my family and my husband. I don’t want any intrusion into my child’s life.”

Bhatt worries that her child will not feel intruded on the careers chosen by their parents. “Because in the end I chose this path But maybe my child doesn’t want to take this path when he or she grows up, so that’s something I feel very protective of,” she told the publication.

When asked whether she would like a son or daughter to follow in their parents’ footsteps and enter Bollywood like ‘Sanju’ Dao and you, the ‘Kang Ku Bai Katewadee’ The actor replied that “I don’t think that’s something I can really prepare and plan.”

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She added, “I don’t want to have a fixed idea of ​​what I want it to look like. Why do I need expectations? and met with disappointment elation or something like that So they need a bit of a blank slate.”

It is pertinent to mention that celebrity couple Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt welcomed their first child, a baby girl, on November 6. Bhatt broke the news on her Insta deal with an official announcement post.

front of work new mom has ‘Rocky Aura Rani Ki Prem Kahani’ and her Hollywood movies ‘Heart of Stone’ in the pipe.

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