Alex Jones Seeks new Trial After 1 Billion usd Sandy Hook Verdict

Alex Jones New Trial After Nearly 1 Billion usd Sandy Hook Verdict

Talk show host, far right Alex Jones A new trial is seeking after a Connecticut jury decided this month that he should pay $965 million in compensation to eight families of Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting victims and one first responder.


After the 2012 massacre that left 26 people dead, Jones claims the incident was staged irrationally and repeatedly.(Alex Jones Seeks new Trial After 1 Billion usd Sandy Hook Verdict) and families and first responders were “crisis maker”


Throughout the trial, which ended this month. The plaintiffs explained in anger that those lies had instigated relentless abuse against them. and coupled with the emotional suffering of losing the person they love.


In a court petition filed on Friday Jones’ lawyers argued that the pre-trial verdict and evidence prevented Jones from a fair trial.


Norm Pattis, an attorney for Jones and Kevin Smith, also argued that “The amount of damage compensation exceeds any reasonable relationship with the evidence.”


court verdict “Both unfair and contrary to the weight of the evidence,” Jones’ lawyer argued. Alex Jones Seeks new Trial After 1 Billion usd Sandy Hook Verdict


CNN contacted attorney Alex Jones and the plaintiffs’ attorneys. but did not receive an immediate response.


After the jury’s decision Jones said he would appeal. He said during the broadcast after the verdict he had “no money” to pay the huge sums awarded by the jury to the plaintiffs.

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