Actor Neelam Muneer Gets Love For Pyar Deewangi Hai

Actor Neelam Muneer Gets Love For Pyar Deewangi Hai

Film and TV show A-lister Neelam Muneer Khan has earned the love and acclaim for her performance as Rabi in ‘Piya Dewangi Hai’.

Neelam Muneer officially took over the photo and video sharing application on Monday. and share their own new clicks The celebrity captioned a monochrome close-up with the title of her currently airing drama – ‘Piya Dewangi Hai’ in urdu.Actor Neelam Muneer Gets Love For Pyar Deewangi Hai

Khan’s huge fan base on social platforms has shown her love for the celeb with thousands of likes on Instagram posts as well as thousands of comments praising her stellar work on Instagram. ‘Piya Dewangi Hai’.

Let’s take a look at what netizens have to say about Khan’s acting.

  • Just love, love your show in #Evil Tiger Wang Jihai And the last episode made me cry!!😭 Can’t wait for the next episode 🤩❤️
  • Your performance as a rabi was phenomenal… What a perfect show…. Kill the world for sure…. I love every episode…. ❤️❤️❤️
  • love this drama so much Impressive performance of Maam Nelam Munir
  • You are ruling our hearts as Rabi 🙌🙌 Apki’s performance is amazing ❤️❤️

Khan composed Rabi’s lead character in the series. which airs in prime time every Monday ‘Piya Dewangi Hai’ Follow the story of Rabi and her cousin Mateen. Meanwhile, some uncontrollable events forced the two to separate.

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Written by Misbah Ali Syed and directed by Aabis Raza, the play also stars Sami Khan, Saba Faisal, Javed Shaikh, Hasan Niazi, Urooj Fatima, Gul-e-Rana, Nida Khan, Sabahat Bukhari and Aliya Ali.Actor Neelam Muneer Gets Love For Pyar Deewangi Hai.

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