accused of Jam Awais was in hospital instead of prison

accused of Jam Awais was in hospital instead of prison

People’s Party of Pakistan (PPP) MPA Jam Awais, the main suspect in the Nasim Jokeo murder, has been hospitalized in lieu of jail in recent months. happened on saturday

The accused Jam Awais and his servants are facing the murder of Nazim Jokhio.accused of Jam Awais was in hospital instead of prison

A good source has informed ARY News that prison officials have moved PPP MPA Jam Awais to a private hospital in Karachi.

The source added that prison officials also failed to produce a defendant before going to court yesterday for a fourth consecutive trial.

When contacted by ARY News, prison officials confirmed that PPP MPA Owais was hospitalized after his health deteriorated.

Earlier, the family of the deceased, Nasim Giokeo, in the affidavit. The court filed a lawsuit saying it would forgive PPP MPA Jam Awais and other accused. in a famous murder case

NAZIM JOKHIO Families Pardon PPP MPA, Other Murder Accused

in October last year Nasim Jokhio’s family said MPA Jam Awais Gohram Jokhio and his men were accused of tortured to death by Nasim Jokhio as he tried to stop his foreign guests from hunting Hubara in Memon Goth area of ​​Karachi.

Police registered the murder against his brother Aweiss, MNA Yam Kareem and others.

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