A representative for Brad Pitt called Angelina Jolie's latest allegations about the 2016 plane crash 'completely untrue'. CNN

A representative for Brad Pitt called Angelina Jolie’s latest allegations about the 2016 plane crash ‘completely untrue’. CNN


Tuesday’s lawsuit by actress Angelina Jolie and her ex-husband Brad Pitt includes further information on the physical altercation between the former couple that occurred when aircraft in 2016

In a statement to CNN, Pitt’s representatives called the latest allegations “a shambles”. “Not all true”

Jolie and Pitt are battling the sale of Jolie’s stake in French winery Chateau Miraval. Jolie sells half of her winery in 2021 to Tenute del Mondo, a subsidiary of the Stoli Group controlled by Stoli Group. Russian oligarch Yuri Shefler

Pitt sued Jolie in February, claiming that he and Jolie had an agreement not to sell without the other party’s consent.

Jolie claimed in her lawsuit that there was never such a deal. and she sold part of the winery in an effort to have and so “had the theme of peace and closure of the profoundly painful and traumatic chapter of life of her and their children.”

In court documents obtained by CNN, Jolie also shared more details about the alleged incident aboard a private jet on Sept. 14, 2016, five days before she filed for divorce.

As part of Jolie’s argument on the topic “Why did Jolie separate from Pitt?” the document claims. before arriving at the airport Pitt got into an argument with one of their six children. The filing claimed that on the plane Jolie asked Pitt “what happened” and Pitt verbally attacked her. Half an hour later, she “drew” her into the bathroom. “Grab Jolie by the head and shake her. and shook her shoulders again before pushing her into the bathroom wall.”

The claim also claims that “Pitt choked on one child and slapped another in the face. Some children begged Pitt to stop. They all panicked. Many people are crying.”

In a CNN statement on Tuesday, a representative for Pitt said: “Jolie’s story continues to evolve each time she tells it with new, unconditional claims. Brad accepts responsibility for what he does. but is not responsible for what he did not do These new allegations are not completely true.”

CNN previously reported some of these details from a heavily concealed FBI report in August.

Pitt was not arrested or charged in connection with the incident after the FBI completed an investigation in 2016.

“In response to allegations raised after a flight within the jurisdiction of a US special aircraft that landed in Los Angeles carrying Mr Brad Pitt and his children, FB AI has investigated the situation and will not conduct further investigations. No charges were filed on this matter,” FBI spokeswoman Laura Imiller said in a statement to CNN at the time.

“All parties have had this information for almost six years and it was used in previous legal proceedings. nothing new here And there was no purpose other than the media acrobatics to inflict pain,” a source close to Pitt said of the August report.

CNN has contacted Jolie’s representatives regarding the latest court filing. which stated that during the incident Pitt allegedly “He lunged at his own child and Jolie grabbed him from behind to stop him. to get Jolie off the back Pitt then leaned back against the seat of the plane and injured Jolie’s back and elbow.”

Court documents also claim that the children “hurried in and everyone bravely tried to protect each other” and that Jolie and the children “sit still and silent under the covers. No one dared to go to the bathroom.”

for this reason Legal documents state that Jolie and her six children were unable to return to Chateau Miraval because of “the pain Pitt inflicted on the family that day”.

Several details in Jolie’s lawsuit reflect a lawsuit filed last month by Jolie’s former company Nouvel LLC.

In an earlier claim, Pitt accused Jolie of “doing nothing to drive (growth) the business,” which he became. “Multi-Million Dollar International Success Story”

In his argument, Nouvel disputed the matter, saying that “Pitt refused to give Jolie or Nouvel equal access to Chateau Miraval records or to give equal opinion on the deal.” “It’s the most important part of her net worth hostage.”

Jolie’s controversy added, “Like other couples,” the two “share responsibilities and generally share expenses.”

“Jolie places her career as an actress and director behind her primary responsibilities for raising children. She also oversees the day-to-day operations of the Jolie-Pitt Foundation, where she not only spends a lot of time but also a large amount of cash (More than double what Pitt donated),” the document states, “Pitt continues to work in Hollywood and is primarily responsible for renovating the castle.”

She also claims that she repeatedly tried to sell her stake in the winery to Pitt. It was only recently last year and Pitt was going to buy her portion for $54.5 million in February, but Pitt is “demanding” that she signed a broad non-disparagement measure “that would prohibit Jolie,” he said. Speak out of court about Pitt’s personal conduct toward her or her family,” inherently including allegations of abuse from the 2016 incident.

Jolie claimed she refused to sign the clause and called it a “Abusive and regulated deal breaker”

The counterclaim asks the court to announce a final sale of Jolie’s shares so that the actor can. “The next step from the winery and the Chateau”

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