A Knives Out Mystery Worth Investigating Says Actor

A Knives Out Mystery’ Worth Investigating, Says Actor

Onion Glass: The Mystery Knife2019 sequel “knife outGather new actors in Greece to solve a new mysterious murder case and the case of Detective Benoit. Severely dressed Blanc played by Daniel Craig.

Director of both films, Ryan Johnson, helped peel off one of the franchise’s biggest mysteries this week. When he explained that “glass onions” way. A Knives Out Mystery Worth Investigating Says Actor.

He told Reuters that “First of all, the Beatles songs. And it’s a Beatles song about a mystery that isn’t really a mystery.”

He adds: “I ended up coming up with the idea of ​​a glass onion of this thing that looks like a dense layer, but in reality it is. It’s quite translucent. That is the metaphor that Blanc grabs and beats to death throughout the film. So it means something.”

The cast includes Edward Norton, Janelle Monae, Kate Hudson, and Leslie Odom Jr. Each character’s outfits convey something about them to help guide the audience.

“I can’t think of any movie that I’ve been in before. And the clothes play a big part in the film,” says Norton. “It defines the character… Every entrance generates laughter.”

Mystery lovers will find plenty of entertainment.

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“The movie has incredible spoiler content, Easter Eggs, whatever you call them,” says Craig.

“If you look at it, you’ll get some. If you want to see it again you will get more And it’s growing because what Rian excels at is He laid the foundation for all of this. He did all these things and everything was worth it.”

The film will be released in limited release in theaters in the United States and elsewhere in November. and will be available for streaming on Netflix in December.

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