690 kg of drugs seized across the country

 Anti-Narcotics Forces (ANF) recovered more than 690 kg of drugs nationwide and arrested 24 dealers in a nationwide crackdown on drugs, ARY News reported.


According to the ANF, more than 690 kilograms of drugs have been seized and 24 dealers have been arrested in the past six days. At least nine vehicles used to deliver drugs have been arrested in a nationwide crackdown.(690 kg of drugs seized across the country)The ANF said a total of 425 kg of narcotics were seized and seven people were arrested in nine operations in Rawalpindi.


ANF ​​performed four operations in Sindh and recovered 122 kg of narcotics. Six operations were performed in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP), which recovered 57 kg of narcotics.


An anti-narcotics spokesman said all arrested dealers would be charged under the Anti-Drug Act.


Earlier on September 22, ANF blocked an attempt to smuggle crystal pills into Australia through a local service company based in the United States. Shahrah-e-Faisal


An ANF spokesman said the total weight of the parcel was 49 kg and that the drug was immersed in women’s and children’s clothing. The parcel was reserved by the Shamans, he said.


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Narcotics Suppression Division under the Narcotics Suppression Act.

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