57 dead 5000 motorcycles seized during October

57 dead, 5,000 motorcycles seized during October

Karachi is facing an alarming rise in the threat of street crime. As 57 people were killed while resisting robberies and other incidents in October.


According to the CPLC, 211 cars were abducted or stolen in October. Meanwhile, 49 stolen/stolen cars have been retrieved by the police.57 dead 5000 motorcycles seized during October


during the month of export Approximately 5,000 motorcycles have been abducted or stolen. Of these, only 323 vehicles were recovered.


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In addition, 2260 people were excluded from mobile phones. Of these, 39 have survived, the CPLC added.


The report further stated that 57 people were killed in multiple incidents. while reporting two kidnappings for ransom during that time.


Additional Inspector General (AIG) Karachi Javed Alam said on Friday that Karachi has seen The “shocking rise” in street crime following flash floods in parts of the country.


He made these comments while briefing the media on the police response to the rising crime rate in Karachi.57 dead 5000 motorcycles seized during October


“After the recent floods, Karachi has seen an extraordinary increase in street crime in the city,” he said, adding that police had accelerated action to crack down on the rising crime.

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